Dr. Zhang Lijun: To Build the New Internet Economy and Become another China BAT Tomorrow

Central, Hong Kong–(Newsfile Corp. – July 18, 2017) – Recently, Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the Board of V1 Group and Chairman of China Arab TV, accepted the interview by The Beijing News. When talking about the future development of the new economy and the future strategic layout of V1 Group, Dr. Zhang Lijun said that: “The new Internet economy should have three characteristics: all business is innovative; system is relatively independent; capital is relatively segmented with BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent). After ten years of precipitation, V1 Group has to adjust from a single new media group to become an integrated new industry group in Internet plus life field this new decade, and strive to become tomorrow’s BAT.

As the first listed video company in China, V1 Group is still strong in the storm and having fun in Internet plus field. In 2012, Dr. Zhang Lijun led the listing of China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group on the NASDAQ, and he was therefore named the “1st Men of Listing by Introduction” in China. In 2015, V1 Group created a mobile health information service platform – Homeincare, which is the first “pilot provider of internet healthcare services” in China. In 2016, V1 Group strategically invested in China Arab TV, carried out “Internet plus TV” media convergence strategy; and enter the field of VR (virtual reality) in the same year, launched the first VR paid platform in China — V1 VR. On 17 November 2016, V1 Group launched Quick To – the combination of bike sharing and new energy automobile in the World Internet Conference. On 27 May 2017, V1 Group’s Tianze Internet medical clinics is the first in the country was officially put into operation in Guanshanhu District of Guiyang City.

Dr. Zhang Lijun said: “In the new decade, the first goal of V1 Group is to develop our video business vigorously, so that more people like the contents by V1 Group. At the same time we have to create a new Internet economy, entering into the Internet plus medical, Internet plus media, Internet plus education, Internet plus finance, Internet plus travel and other fields, to become an integrated new industry group in Internet plus life field.”

The Essence of Long-term Business Development is Innovation

At the Third World Internet Conference on 17 November 2016, V1 Group officially released its bike sharing brand – Quick To. Quick To is another major release of V1 Group entering into the Internet life field to truly achieve minimalist travel.

For the differentiated model of Quick To, Dr. Zhang Lijun said: “Quick To is a break through of the traditional innovation model, it is a time-share leasing platform of “mobile internet + bike sharing + automobile sharing”, it can perfectly solve the problem of people’s travel by bike sharing and new energy bike no matter it is 30-50 km or the last 3 km travel.”

At present, there are a lot of players like Mobike, ofo, Ming Bikes and many other brands in the bike sharing market, V1 Group entered at this time whether it will be considered to follow suit, Dr. Zhang Lijun replied: “Following itself is not a bad thing, but is the process of growing up. I think “follow” is the foundation of innovation, we introduced all Internet business is a form of “follow”, but we are more innovative on top of the basis of “follow”. Innovation is our core weapon.

Internet medical is also occupies an important position in the territory of V1 Group’s business. “Homeincare is also created base on innovation, we are aiming at the social phenomenon of aging in China and seeing the government’s support for the practice of nurses. We hope that we can build a system and a well-defined medical care service platform for patients and nurses.” Dr. Zhang Lijun said: “Homeincare is the first national Internet health service pilot project, it has certified over 30,000 registered nurses, it is a medical plus elderly care platform providing relevant services for the families with needs all over the country every day.”

It is understood that Homeincare is mainly providing the nursing station and home care service. For example, when the patient needs medical care at home after treatment in the hospital, the patient can make an appointment for home nursing service through Homeincare. In the view of Dr. Zhang Lijun, who can really solve the model of rigid demand in the China’s medical industry is promising.

The Original Intention of the Entrepreneur cannot be Distorted by the Capital Market

In recent years, many start-up companies and funds entered into the Internet medical market crazily, but the business model is tend to be the same and the policy is not fully relaxed, leading to the industry gradually run into the bottleneck. Dr. Zhang Lijun talked about this phenomenon that: ” It is because some Internet innovators who entered the market as a spoiler will obviously cause a violent rebound of the traditional pattern and architecture, in which case the possibility of success is not big.”

Especially, there is “capital abduction” after the capital injection, which only pursuit of downloads and user activities, resulting in a lot of businesses are deformed. Is the initial purpose still exists when the business is deformed?

Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Upgrade will Promote the Re-development of Online Videos

For the development process of online videos in the past ten years, Dr. Zhang Lijun has seen the ups and downs of this industry. “In the past ten years, we have seen the development of online video industry in various forms and the possibility of various business models, and we have tried to explore, but these brothers companies did not dig into a particularly good profitability until now, that is the reason why V1 Group did not focus on the video business in the past.”

In the view of Dr. Zhang Lijun, the reasons why the business model of online video is not successful in the past are because of the bandwidth limitations, cost on intellectual property (IP) and human resources have not been effectively addressed. So that cannot support the profitability of a listed company, which should also be an important reason why some online video companies cannot be listed.

But now people gradually raise their awareness of IP, and the relevant departments and the industry has also increased awareness of IP protection, in addition to the technology advancement is also a profound change in the industry, which makes Dr. Zhang Lijun see the hope of the profit making in online video. Dr. Zhang Lijun believes that along with the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet and the promotion of technical means, the video industry will usher in a golden era.

V1 Group is Going to be Tomorrow’s BAT

In 2016, V1 Group completed a strategic transformation and became the new Internet economy. Dr. Zhang Lijun gave his answer on the concept of the new economy: “First, all the business is innovative; second, the business system is relatively independent to have their own ecosphere; third, the capital is relatively segmented with BAT, but on the other hand actively seeks cooperation with BAT. If the companies can achieve the above three points, then will soon be the birth of a number of BAT-level companies.”

After the completion of the transformation, Dr. Zhang Lijun has a very long-term planning and vision for V1 Group: “In the new decade, V1 Group will no longer be low-profile, we will strive to build the new economy of China’s Internet industry and become tomorrow’s BAT.”


About V1 Group Limited

V1 Group was established in 2005, listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, became the first Chinese video media enterprise listed in Hong Kong. V1 Group Limited was named the “China’s Top 100 Internet Companies” three years in a row from year 2014 to 2016.

After eleven years of rapid development, V1 Group’s main businesses have been fully covered the Internet and mobile terminals. In 2016, V1 Group successfully transformed from the new media industry group into a new economy in the internet industry, with extensive layout in new media, online games, internet healthcare, internet travel, internet education, internet finance and many other fields, which strive to build an internet life circle to solve the basic needs for users. V1 Group is now become an integrated new industry group in internet plus life field.

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