newsfile3Trusted since 1997, Newsfile simplifies compliance for public companies and investment managers. Our culture of innovation has resulted in unique solutions for news distribution,  filings via EDGAR and SEDAR,XBRL, insider filings, and financial printing.

Newsfile was formed on Jan 1st, 2010 as an amalgamation of Automated Filing Services Inc. and TNT Filings Inc. with head offices in Vancouver and Toronto respectively. This friendly business combination brought together two regulatory filing agencies on opposite sides of the continent to form a national organization with a strong commitment to supplying quality compliance services. The amalgamation resulted from a recognition of the need for a one stop solution for compliance.

Since the amalgamation Newsfile has focused on enhancing its news solution to include technologies that provide clients new ways to reach investors. In addition Newsfile has developed proprietary XBRL software and trained an in-house team of XBRL specialists to help provide affordable solutions to new SEC requirements.

About Automated Filing Services Inc.

Automated Filing Services was founded in 1997 to specialize in securities filing services for reporting issuers, law firms, funds, and insiders. By the mid-2000s Automated Filing Services had grown to become one of the largest filing agents to serve both the US and Canadian markets. Automated Filing Services was well-known in the industry for its accuracy, speed, and home-grown technology solutions.

About TNT Filings Inc.

TNT Filings was founded in 2002 by two former news service professionals. TNT Filings specialized in news services and electronic corporate reporting via EDGAR, SEDAR and SEDI, as well as complex document conversion and preparation. By 2010 the company became the XBRL leader in Canada through preparing and filing the majority of voluntary XBRL data on the SEDAR system.

Regulatory Filing Experience

Our team has submitted over 40,000 EDGAR filings and 60,000 SEDAR filings since our inception in 1997. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.


News Distribution

Newsfile provides newswire distribution and dissemination solutions for public and private companies of all sizes. Our innovative press release offerings eliminate the unnecessary confusion of traditional distribution packages.


Contact us to learn how our compliance solutions can work for you.

Website: newsfilecorp.com Facebook: NewsfileCorp
Twitter: @newsfile_corp LinkedIn: newsfile-corp.
Toronto Office
15 Toronto Street
Suite 602
Toronto, ON, Canada
M5C 2E3
Phone: 416-806-1750
Fax: 416-352-1529
Vancouver Office
1100 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6E 4A6
Phone: 604-609-0244
Fax: 416-352-1529

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